Monday, September 15, 2008

These Are Are The Rains You've Heard About...

With members of such great bands (Swing Kids, Holy Molar, Give Up The Ghost, American Nightmare, Over My Dead Body, The Crimson Curse,Unbroken, The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower and The Locust.) One cant imagine what a band with said members would sound like. And Some Girls Definitely delivers. With this obscure and very harsh 7", Some Girls play some very technical and abstract style of hardcore, with the fury of the old time hardcore styling. This 7" was the some girls first real record release (before the "all my friends are going deaf" release which composed 2 7"s and demo tracks) by the band. After releasing a full length LP entitled "Heavens Pregnant Teens", Some Girls in 2007 decided to hang up the towel. Leaving behind 1 Demo, 2 7"s (a comp of 7"s on LP) and the HPT Lp. Quite a impressive record for such a ground breaking band in the hardcore community. Below you will find links to the bands myspace, Places to buy releases and the download link.

Some Girls - Website
Some Girls - Myspace
Deathwish - Did Early Releases for Some Girls
Epitaph - Released Heaven Pregnant Teens LP/CD

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