Saturday, September 13, 2008

Self Worth

Better Than A Thousand a straight edge hardcore band, from the 90s featured members of Youth Of Today, Battery, Damnation A.D., Shelter and Worlds Collide. Brought a straight forward style of hardcore punk with a slight melodic edge. Self Worth features 5 songs, this is the debuet EP from this band. Ray Cappo, who also sang in bands like Youth Of Today and Shelter, lays down vocal duties for this EP. Like his bands before, Ray sings about Straight edge and issues dealing with friends and the old times in NY.This 7" is very out of print, and now considered rare. BT1K relesaed 2 more full lengths before calling it quits, they also toured Europe and Southern America while gaining a strong fan base. Below you will find a link to their myspace as well as a download link.

BT1K - Myspace

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