Sunday, September 7, 2008

Disgust For Mankind

Heavy, Dark, Ominous? You got it, here you have Oroku "Living through the end of time". This Full length feature album features every crust core tones, with melodic soft cello rhythms. This band (like many other great American crust/d-beat bands) is from the pacific north west.This band now defunct, were around for several years and tour many times. The band also put out one other 7" i believe. If you are looking for harsh guitar tones, with beautiful cello rythms, this album will make you cream your pants. Below are links to where you can buy the CD aswell as the bands myspace.

Inimical Records - Inimical Records (buy CD/merch here)
Oroku - Myspace


SvartStøy said...

Oh oruku, great blog chris keep it up.
i added you..hey now we are blog buddies!!!

Chris said...

i added you too
thanks man!