Saturday, September 6, 2008

You will never, never, never, never know me.

Das oath (formally known as The Oath) featured a member of the beloved thrash gods Charles Bronson as well as a member from the great Monster X. This installment of Das Oath, has more of a rock edge to it, while still maintaining the fast fury that early Das oath was known for. This record has many layers to it, with fast and edgy thrash beats come slow and ambient down tempo changes. This was the second to last release by this band. The band rumored to have broken up in Early 2008. Below you will find the download link, as well as links to Das oath merch and things they are involved with.

Youth Attack - Mark McCoys Label (singer)
Gloom Records - Nates Label (bassist)
Das Oath Myspace


SvartStøy said...

Awesomeness, i am so adding you

Chris said...

thanks man, ill add your link.