Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Have Dreams

I apologize for not updating more, but school and work are kind of taking a toll on my life, so here's a new update. This is I have Dreams. Download it, screamo/hardcore. Amazing.

"I Have Dreams was a screamo/emo band born from the ashes of a band called New Ethic, when their guitar player Daniel died in a car accident. New Ethic played their last show in August, 1998 with Daniel’s best friend Mike Hanson in his place, and it was about a month or two later that I Have Dreams started playing. The band consisted of Allen Compton and Mike Peters on vocals, Mike Hanson on guitar, Ben Seals on bass and Clayton Rychlick on drums. I Have Dreams were more than a band - in the words of Mike Peters: “It was an attempt to cope with the pain everyone was feeling after Daniel’s death.” 
I Have Dreams were together for roughly six months, and they broke up in the Spring (around April/May) of 1999. "

Glad To Be back =]

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g said...

their demo sounds awesome. i managed to get a remastered version of it. great band. i put up this video on my blog along others, feel free to check it out... if you want we could exchange links. cheers.