Sunday, September 7, 2008

God Save Us!

What cant be said about Disembodied? In the release "If only god knew the rest were dead". Disembodied brings the heaviest, harshest and most evilest songs you can imagine by any hardcore outfit now or 10 years ago (which is when this was recorded). With heavy metal undertones and hardcore over beats this release stands the test of time. All the while paving the way for the Nu-Metal sound. Disembodied was from Minneapolis MN, and claimed to be the heaviest band in hardcore, and clearly went way beyond that. After two releases on Ferret, a final full length on Edison Recordings and multiple US tours, Disembodied disbanded in the late 90's, later moving on to form Martyr AD. The time has come for such prominent hardcore bands from the 90s (including Swing kids, Undertow and the mighty UNBROKEN) to get back together, one last time (for promotion of "Burning fight" a book on 90's US Hardcore). In 2008 there will be a reunion show in Chicago with the mentioned bands above (although i don't believe Swing Kids are playing). It seems as though as the 90s are coming back. But give a listen for yourself, you will want to burn down every church and kill your parents after listening to this masterpiece. Below you will find links to Ferret Music and Disembodied's Myspace. As well as a download link.

Ferret Music - Ferret (where you can buy other Disembodied merch/music)
Disembodied - Myspace (info on the band/Releases/Reunion)


Anonymous said...

Dear Chris,
thank you for your intense love for music and the time you take out of your 'life' to write about them so i can download it and be a better person.
<3 roxxanne

Chris said...

haha no prob
keep checking up on my stuff =]

Stephen said...

Such a good record/band. I'm psyched for the reunion too since they canceled the only time I would have seen them.