Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Drown In My Puke

Fast, Angry, Smart and SOBER. XfilesX hails from New Bedford Mass. With the fury of the old time hardcore bands and the thrash elements from XfilesX contemporaries like Tear It Up. XfilesX played straight edge trash core, with a bit of a comical edge (see songs like "the thing about edge breakers is..). Files played for a number of years releasing a few Eps and splits with a Full length LP. Bands that these members moved onto were The Lovely Lads, Mind Eraser, Soul Swallower, Breathing Fire, and Sex Positions. This being an early Ep the band really shined through with the relentless blast beats and harsh vocals. Below you will find the bands myspace as well as Trash Arts website, as well as the download link.

XfilesX - Myspace
Trash Art - Trash Art (has the bands Discography as well as some shirts.)

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