Saturday, September 6, 2008

Orchid/Jeromes Dream Split

This split features two screamo/emo violence champs. The mighty Orchid and the timeless Jeromes Dream. This split features 4 songs by each band. The original One sided skull shaped white vinyl 10, silk screened on the flip side. Music starts in the middle; JD tracks run to the outside, Orchid tracks to the inside of the record. Like, wow. The JD tracks are among the best they've recorded so far; manic complex screamo with some melodies; Orchid play their usual excellent Hardcore style; fast and complex but not as crazy as JD. Another timeless emo violence release.Emotional yes, fast yes, obscure yes. This record is amazing. Below are links to both the bands myspace's.

Orchid -Myspace
Jeromes Dream -Myspace


Jon said...

pretty cool chris. i'm digging it.

Chris said...

thanks jon, means alot