Sunday, September 7, 2008

Behind Trees

Sailboats, was a band from the Berkley California. In 2003 they recorded a 2-song demo and played several shows throughout California. Whats really sad about this band is that, when Touring in 2004, they got in a traffic accident. Where 2/3 Members tragically passed away. Hence leaving this AMAZING demo behind. The demo contains 2 tracks of beautiful, angry and fact screamo. Whats interesting is they did record a LP, but as far as it says on their myspace, it will never be released. Members went on to Loma Prieta (amazing screamo/emo violence band from Berkley) and Punch. Below are links to the bands myspace, and Discos Huhelga which carries Loma Prieta/Punch records. Don't sleep on this, these songs are flawless.


Sailboats - Myspace
Loma Prieta - Myspace (member of Sailboats)
Discos Huelga - (label who puts out Loma Prieta/Punch)


Zepharia Andres said...

You drown not by falling into a river, but by staying submerged in it. See the link below for more info.


Shea Kang said...

You are not a product of your circumstances. You are a product of your decisions.