Monday, September 8, 2008

Swing Kids

After writing about the Disembodied Reunion, in my blog. I decided to give you guys more of a taste of bands that are reuniting. And here you go, This is the debut 7" From San Diego's own Swing Kids. This release blends elements of jazz into furious punk rock/hardcore with some touches of Emo in the mix. Members went on to such noteworthy bands as The Locust, The Crimson Curse, Spanakorzo, Bread and Circuits, Baader Brains, Holy Molar, Head Wound City, Sweep the Leg Johnny, and Some Girls. This record also has a great Warsaw (Joy division) cover. Swing Kids released a 7" and A full length, before moving on to said bands listed above. With the book "Burning fight" coming out on Revelation Records, A laundry list of great bands were asked to get back together, Swing Kids being one of them. So keep an eye out for the Fliers in Mid march or so. This is a great release, anyone who enjoys "art" hardcore will enjoy this.
Below you will find Label info and the bands myspace link.

Swing Kids - Myspace
Three One G - Put out swing kids Discography

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