Thursday, December 18, 2008

Usurp Synapse

Usurp was born in Lafayette, IN. Through numerous line-ups they continued to push the envelope of the then-bugeoning "screamo" sub-sub-genre of punk rock. Their music was available on several compilations and 7" records, including a split release withJeromes Dream, with whom they toured the United States on Clean Plate Records. All their releases have been compiled and released on a discography CD, Disinformation Fix, on Alone Records. Antonio Leiriao moved from New York to Indiana to sing for the band in 1999.

The band utilized unconventional marketing methods, such as a die-cut album cover folded into the shape of a penis entering a vagina, and the inclusion of a razor with a record that promoted suicide on Electric Human Project.

Former members played in Fax Arcana, who have since disbanded.

They reformed as a 4-piece in the year 2004, recorded a full length album, then unfortunately had to cancel a uk tour in 2005 which was supposed to be with phoenix bodies. They have been inactive since.

Emotion + Harcore = Bliss

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