Thursday, December 18, 2008

Usurp Synapse

Usurp was born in Lafayette, IN. Through numerous line-ups they continued to push the envelope of the then-bugeoning "screamo" sub-sub-genre of punk rock. Their music was available on several compilations and 7" records, including a split release withJeromes Dream, with whom they toured the United States on Clean Plate Records. All their releases have been compiled and released on a discography CD, Disinformation Fix, on Alone Records. Antonio Leiriao moved from New York to Indiana to sing for the band in 1999.

The band utilized unconventional marketing methods, such as a die-cut album cover folded into the shape of a penis entering a vagina, and the inclusion of a razor with a record that promoted suicide on Electric Human Project.

Former members played in Fax Arcana, who have since disbanded.

They reformed as a 4-piece in the year 2004, recorded a full length album, then unfortunately had to cancel a uk tour in 2005 which was supposed to be with phoenix bodies. They have been inactive since.

Emotion + Harcore = Bliss

Monday, December 15, 2008

Uk New Wave? SURE!

"Founded from the remnants of The Outsiders, the original lineup of The Sound consisted of Adrian Borland (vocals, guitar), Graham Bailey (bass), Mike Dudley (drums) and Benita "Bi" Marshall (keyboardssaxophoneclarinet). In 1979, the band signed a contract with Korova Records, a small label under Warner Brothers, to produce three albums. They debuted with Jeopardy, which received favorable reviews

The second album, From the Lion's Mouth, saw the replacement of keyboard player Marshall with Colvin "Max" Mayers, and more accolades from the critics, but neither record caused the band to break beyond a cult status. Korova pressured Borland and his mates to come up with a more commercially successful third album. In an act of rebellion, the band responded with All Fall Down, an album that took them even further away from that direction. Drummer Dudley told it this way: "We thought [the label wasn't] giving us the support that we were due and that if they really wanted a commercial album, they had got to put plenty of money behind it, which with both Jeopardy and From the Lion’s Mouththey hadn’t really done....So when they turned around and said 'The solution is for you to write more commercial songs,' we thought, 'F--- you,' and went ahead and produced All Fall Down."

During the early 1980s, The Sound toured throughout Europe, covering the UK and much of the continent. Like their contemporaries, the Comsat Angels (whom they toured with in 1981), they enjoyed perhaps their greatest success in the Netherlands, developing a substantial following there. The Sound recorded several Peel sessions and performed the single "Sense Of Purpose" on the TV show Old Grey Whistle Test (circa 1981)And in 1983 and 1984, they made two short tours of the US."

For fans of late 70/early 80s new wave, sound alot like joy division, and it was one of their contemporaries. This is great for the winter, mellow and catchy.



Renascent (label)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Haven't Had A Date In 4 Years Goldie Hawn...

The Kidcrash is a band from Olympia, Washington that formed in 2000. In terms of contemporary screamo, this band is set apart from the rest, this EP displays that. This being one of the earlier releases of this band, it is a very raw, emotional and melodic album that doesn't let up from, not one time. Download this you'll love it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Life Tyrant

"Formed in 2005. Metallic HC out of the Inland Empire. Current and ex-members of Restrained, Bobby Conundrum, Drop It!, Xibalba, Every Man For Himself.

For fans of: Ringworm, Slayer, Sepultura, Discharge, etc. New songs soon.""

On a personal note, ive seen this band a handfull of times, and everytime its great. This recording relfects the diversity of this band. THey are on again/off again in activity, but as of late it seems as though they are going to start playing shows soon. So i for one am happy about that

I Have Dreams

I apologize for not updating more, but school and work are kind of taking a toll on my life, so here's a new update. This is I have Dreams. Download it, screamo/hardcore. Amazing.

"I Have Dreams was a screamo/emo band born from the ashes of a band called New Ethic, when their guitar player Daniel died in a car accident. New Ethic played their last show in August, 1998 with Daniel’s best friend Mike Hanson in his place, and it was about a month or two later that I Have Dreams started playing. The band consisted of Allen Compton and Mike Peters on vocals, Mike Hanson on guitar, Ben Seals on bass and Clayton Rychlick on drums. I Have Dreams were more than a band - in the words of Mike Peters: “It was an attempt to cope with the pain everyone was feeling after Daniel’s death.” 
I Have Dreams were together for roughly six months, and they broke up in the Spring (around April/May) of 1999. "

Glad To Be back =]