Sunday, January 18, 2009

Piss in the IV

The stunted bastard avant-grind brainchild from members of Orchid, Wolves, Ampere and Anton Bordman is ready to rear it's ugly head one more Formed in Early 2001 by Brad Wallace and Will Killingsworth, both former members of Orchid, Bucket Full of Teeth was conceived as a friendly venture in playing generic powerviolence but instantaneosly evolved into much more. The band quickly become more interested in pushing conventions of heavy music and punk rock, and in 2002 released 3 7"s simultaneously as a first attempt at personal experimentation and musical destruction.

Having only played 6 shows ever, and primarily a studio project, Bucket Full of Teeth began work on new material in 2002. Between membership changes, and other members serving time in Ampere, Wolves, and Transistor Transistor, Bucket Full of Teeth have constructed this final recording, fusing elements of Death Metal, Ambient, Psychedlic, Prog, Thrash and Stoner Rock into a cohesive whole much better serving the original musical thesis attempted in their early recordings. Self-Recorded and painstakingly edited and revised at Dead Air Studios over the past two years Bucket Full of Teeth have produced a collage of sonic destruction both heavy and unpredictable. The band has said this will be their final release but rumors of working on new material and live incarnations surface often. This is "I" out of a series of 3 7"s put out by mark Mccoys label Youth Attack. Seeing as how the whole 7" set is still in print in CD form, i decided to only upload the first 7". So enjoy!.

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